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Edmonton, Alberta is a very transient area with many people working and visiting here despite living elsewhere in Canada. Sometimes people indulge in drinking while visiting, vacationing or traveling for work. With that, they may also be arrested for driving under the influence or impaired driving. Being arrested for DUI in Alberta, or any other province, is always a taxing and nerve wracking experience. Frequently, it becomes a trying, expensive and complicated ordeal which can be even worse if you reside in another province. Your arrest and/or conviction can impact your driving privileges in your own province as well as in Alberta. A skilled and qualified Edmonton DUI Defense Lawyer can help you deal with all the aspects and issues regarding the arrest and clearly explain all of your options to you.

Edmonton DUI Lawyer

Many people from other areas of Canada drive in Edmonton for work and to visit its attractions. Alcohol consumed on vacation, or even because of work responsibilities such as a holiday party, can impair judgment enough to warrant an arrest. If you have been charged with DUI, drugged driving, or DWI in Edmonton, Alberta, you’ll find help at the Edmonton Out Of Province DUI Lawyers at Haryett & Company. They can be reached at 1-780-666-7536.

In Canada, having a motor vehicle license is not a legal right but a privilege. The province issuing each license owns and can suspend or revoke it. Alberta can suspend your driving privileges in Alberta, and your home province motor vehicle authorities may well suspend all your driving privileges when it is informed of your legal issues in Alberta. A skilled and qualified Edmonton Capital Region DUI Lawyer can help protect your rights and guide you through the convoluted legal system.

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You need to protect yourself from undue legal distress. An arrest in Edmonton or anywhere in Alberta for offenses like DUIs and DWIs can affect your life greatly, making it difficult or impossible for you to get to work, school, the doctor’s, or anywhere else you may need to go. Being licensed by another province is unlikely to help. The Edmonton Impaired Driving Defense Lawyers at Haryett & Company, proudly serve all of Alberta, its cities, towns and rural areas. Call us today at 1-780-666-7536.