Violent Offenses

Violent Offenses, Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault Lawyers

At the Law Offices of R. Kent Haryett and Company, our lawyers construct custom strategies for presenting evidence to support your defence, such as witness cross-examination and challenging the prosecution’s case & the police investigation. Our lawyers for criminal assault and aggravated assault have successfully defended clients in the following areas of violent criminal defence:

  • Sexual assault charges
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Murder charges
  • Uttering threats
  • Obstructing peace officers
  • Robbery charges
  • Disorderly conduct charges
  • Aggravated assault charges
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Public mischief charges

Edmonton Assault Lawyer

You or someone you know could be facing harsh punishment if either of you have been arrested and face physical assault charges, aggravated assault charges, domestic assault charges,  indictable/felony assault charges or any other violent crime charges. Physical assault or Criminal assault is basically considered “touching without consent” or “unwanted touching.” Assault and battery law allows room for an accused person to avoid punishment or get a lesser sentence if the defence lawyer invokes the argument of self-defense. If someone receives criminal assault charges, the self-defence argument can be very technical and is successfully used in not only simple assault cases, but also in cases of murder, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and other aggravated assault charges.

Are you looking at Aggravated Assault Charges?

If you need an aggravated assault defence team, having a highly capable group of experienced lawyers that understand how to properly prepare your case for trial is critical. Picking the best aggravated assault defence team is very important because of the potential penalties that could affect your life forever. An aggravated assault sentence can include fines, court-ordered treatment and significant prison sentences, if you are found guilty. The aggravated assault and battery defence team at  Haryett & Co. have proven case-after-case that we are more than capable of successfully preparing an assault case for trial.  We look forward to earning your trust and respect.

Trying to avoid a criminal record due to Domestic Assault Charges?

Cases involving domestic violence are considered “spousal assaults.” Assault laws have no specific criminal statutes dedicated to these “spousal assault” charges, in Alberta. That being said, domestic violence assault cases are prosecuted under one of the existing assault charges; like simple assault or assault causing bodily harm. These domestic assault battery cases usually involve a “he said/she said” incident. The “domestic assault victim” and the accused often disagree on the nature of events that lead up to the altercation. In the area of spousal assault, the criminal defence team at Haryett & Co. have enabled many of our clients to avoid more serious penalties by working with the Prosecution to drop the assault charge in exchange for the client agreeing to a certain type of restraining order called an “810 peace bond” or a “recognizance.”

Sexual Assault Defence that fights for you

Being convicted of sexual assault & rape charges can mean a long jail sentence and a permanent requirement of having to register as a sex offender. The sexual assault lawyers at the Law Offices of Haryett & Co. stop at nothing to defend you and use the law to your advantage. Our sexual assault defence team exhausts every resource available in employing experts to perform independent investigations & provide testimony, challenging prosecutors and witness testimony and to interview our own witnesses.

Sexual harassment and assault trials are often won or lost due to the work done by the defence lawyers during the pre-trial investigation and preparation. In order to give you the best chance to beat the charges, we investigate phone records & voicemail messages along with past communications like e-mails, text messages, social networking chats and instant messages. Our sex crimes defense strategy can depend significantly on comprehensively investigating personal relationships and past histories because alleged victims of sexual assault very often are acquainted with the accused, work with the accused or file charges after years or decades.

When you need a lawyer for rape, sexual assault charge, or attempted sexual assault charge, our criminal defence team is who you want representing you. Our sexual assault and violent crimes defence team is ready to tenaciously defend your rights and freedoms when you face any the following charges:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Forcible confinement
  • Sexual interference with a minor
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Invitation to sexual touching

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The sentence for being found guilty of committing a violent crime can have long-term, negative effects on the rest of your life, your work & career, your financial situation and your family long after your sentence has been served. You may have to submit your name to federal child-protection registries, you may not be eligible to practise your profession or be admitted into certain graduate school programs. You may also end up on the losing side in family court issues and in child custody decisions. A conviction may further devastate your family life by inhibiting you to volunteer, or coach, or be involved in any of your children’s recreational, sports or social activities. If you have been arrested on assault and battery, violent crime or sexual assault charges, do not put everything you have worked for at risk, Contact the aggressive and respected defence team at Haryett & Co.

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